Mumbai: Deepika Padukone has apparently turned to her former beau Nihar Pandya after her split with Sidhartha Mallya. The model-turned-aspiring actor was linked to Dippy during her modelling days. After her recent break-up, the actress seems to have reconnected with Nihar to find a shoulder to lean on.

Though the actress and Nihar were no longer a couple, she was still in touch with his family. When Deepika had first arrived in Mumbai from her hometown Bangalore, they had taken care of her. Deepika has had her share of link-ups and heartbreaks with Ranbir Kapoor and Yuvraj Singh.

Won't say yes:

Says a source, "Deepika has had heart-break yet again. She was open about her affair with Ranbir Kapoor, but after they broke off, she preferred to be guarded about her relationship with Sidhartha. Though both were spotted together, she avoided questions about their relationship.

What could have gone wrong:

According to Bollywood buzz, Deepika was upset with Sidhartha for not acknowledging their relationship. Apparently, the Mallya scion also didn't take her truce with ex Ranbir with whom she has agreed to feature in a film too kindly.

Adds the source, "Nihar has always been around for her. Though she moved ahead professionally and personally, he has always been stuck on her."

Where it all started

Deepika had met Nihar in an acting school and had started off with doing music videos around the same time. Himesh Reshammiya's music video I Love You Sayonee featured Nihar while Aap Kaa Surroor had Dippy.

Life changed for Deepika after Om Shanti Om while Nihar was seen in a brief role in the Salman Khan starrer Marigold. The aspiring actor is now, however, looking at a better launch with director Prashant Chadha. Buzz is that the movie's script is inspired by Nihar and Deepika's story.