Mumbai: Buzz is that in order to sign in Kochadaiyaan, a film opposite Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone gave a royal snub to Abbas-Mustan's Race 2. Apparently the actress had allegedly misled the makers of the action thriller about the real reason for opting out. Ramesh Taurani the producer of the film is seething with anger at Dippy.

Date drama

It was also earlier reported that Dippy was walking out of Race 2 because she was not happy with the film's constant change of schedule. Our reliable source tells us that the reason Deepika had given for opting out -- that she was signing her first Hollywood film -- is not true. The source reveals, "Deepika was already committed for Race 2 and had shot for it for a few days when she was offered a film opposite Rajnikanth. She was really keen to do the film but didn't have the dates for it. As a result, she decided to opt out of Race 2."

The source adds, "Instead of telling the truth, her manager told the Race 2 producer that Deepika had a Hollywood film offer that she couldn't let go of and the dates were clashing with this film. Though she was very apologetic about it, still it was very unprofessional of her to opt out of a film mid-way. Rameshji had let her go without creating any scene. It was later found that the actress opted out for the Rajnikanth film and not for any Hollywood film."

Inconvenience for others

The very livid Taurani lashes out, "Her manager Anirban said that she has bagged a big Hollywood film and it's a lifetime opportunity for her. So we had to let her go." Apparently the southern actress' departure has caused a lot of mess for the makers.

Taurani adds, "We have to immediately look for her replacement and re-shoot her portions all over again. She has not only caused inconvenience to us but also to her co-stars (which includes Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt) who had allotted their dates for the shoot."  The producer adds that this has resulted in huge monetary losses for them as the building of sets for their next schedule is already underway and the crew and the location were already booked.

In Dippy's defence

A source close to Deepika however categorically denies that she opted out of Race 2 for Rajni's film. The source points out, "The shooting was constantly getting pushed back. She shot for only two days for two hours each. They have wasted her dates for December and January. She hasn't left Race 2 because of Rajnikanth's film. The film was supposed to be completed before September 2011. We have documentary proof of that. Now there is a fresh requirement of dates as new actors like Sanjay Dutt have been roped in. She cannot give them blanket dates because of her prior commitments."

Not accepted

Taurani is definitely furious as he says, "It's a highly unprofessional behaviour. In my entire career of 28 films, I have never faced such a situation. It's not done!" We hear that Taurani is lodging a complaint against Deepika with the Cine & TV Artistes' Association (CINTAA).