Key highlights

1. Parrikar slammed UPA in the wake of a CAG report on ammunition management, which pointed that the army faced a massive ammunition shortage with reserves that would barely last 20 days of intense fighting.

2. Parrikar has admitted that the CAG report, stated that arms and ammunition will last for 20 days if war breaks out. However, the situation that was there till 2013 has considerably improved now and there was not reason to worry.

3. He said the necessary stock of arms and ammunition between the year 2008 and 2013 was not taken care of and no seriousness was shown in this regard.

4. There are a variety of ammunition and and if one particular product is short, others can be used to overcome the shortfall.

5. Parrkira said, we will overcome the shortfall within one and half years and the gap has been filled 50 percent and process of remaining 50 percent is underway.

6. The infrastructure has to be improved for raising such a force and in the absence of such a provision, the BJP government has decided to put it on hold.

7. On procurement of fighter aircraft Rafale from France, Parrikar said India would go for direct purchase.

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