New Delhi: In order to plug the loopholes threatening the security of the Indian skies, the Defence Ministry has conferred topmost priority to ‘Mission Radar’ to strengthen the security system.

While the Indian Navy has initiated the task of installing 46 radars along the sea borders, the army has been preparing to deploy 3D Tactical Control Radar and Troop Level Radar, capable of detecting multiple targets to fortify air defence.

According to the sources, the expansion of airborne threats have seen a terrific rise ranging from cruise and BVR (Beyond Visual Range) missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic platform capable of targeting targets on land from the sky.

Therefore, the air vigilance system is faced with a challenge to detect the danger as well as destroy it with the help of a suitable weapon.

According to the documents of the army headquarters, the 3D phased technique of the Tactical Control Radar and Troop Level Radar is capable of detecting several targets simultaneously in difficult circumstances. Also, it is equipped with missiles which can hit multiple targets.

The Army is planning to deploy the 3D Tactical Radars on the border areas to detect any suspicious activity in the air within 90 kilometres of range.

Also, the missiles deployed for attacking enemies are also equipped with the radar system which will foil any attack from striking the Indian territory.

The Army and Air Force are also deploying Low Level Light Weight Radars (LLLR) on a large scale especially in mountainous terrains to destroy targets flying at low levels.

Air Force Chief Marshal NAK Browne had said a few days ago that the government intends to bring the entire nation under radar coverage.