New Delhi: Amidst the recent age row involving Army chief General VK Singh and various complaints regarding promotions in the Army, the Defence Ministry is now mulling over making changes in the promotion policies of Army personnel.

The ministry on the issue of appointing officials of higher rank is considering implementing the point system from the Army Promotion Board's discretionary quota and has therefore sought suggestions from the Law Ministry in this regard.

According to sources, the Defence Ministry with a view of making the promotion policies more competitive is eyeing for some changes in the process.

As per the present evaluation policy, the Army Chief, the Vice-Chief and army commanders have the discretion of awarding up to five marks to a candidate being considered for promotion while the rest 95 are quantified on the basis of work and achievements and other parameters during the service period.   

Meanwhile, the Law ministry in its suggestions to the Defence Ministry has said that such changes can be challenged in the court.

In October 2010, the Defence Ministry had raised objections over the changes suggested by Army Chief General VK Singh in the promotion policies framed by his predecessor General Deepak Kapoor.

(JPN/ Bureau)