New Delhi: Three days after the mysterious deaths of Defence Ministry official Kumar Yashkar Sinha and his wife Archana Sharma, the police interrogated three top Army officials at Defence Colony police station on Sunday in the double death case. 

Delhi Police on Saturday recovered an old hand-written note from Yashkar’s residence without any date during investigation. In the note it is mentioned that two of the ADG Rank (Major General) officials had intentionally burdened Yashkar with the work load. On the basis of the note, army officers of ADG rank were questioned for hours on Sunday evening by the Additional DSP PS Khushwaha.

Khushwaha and Yashkar’s family members, however, have denied believing that the note is a suicide one.

Yashkar’s cousin Dr Diwakar informed that Yaskhar was under a lot of work pressure since last several years. He was assigned to look after the Right to Information (RTI) wing of the Defence Ministry. Up till now this fact was unknown to Yashkar’s family members and relatives.

Dr Diwakar’s revelations could change the line of the investigation in the case. Therefore the Delhi Police have now started to zero in on for more evidence to ascertain the main reason behind the couple’s death. Relatives of the deceased duo have expressed their doubts that the couple could have been murdered. They informed the Police that it was quite strange that none of the Defence Ministry officials contacted them after the couple’s death and neither had they come to their house.

Forensic report awaited on couple’s death

Delhi Police is awaiting the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report, which is expected to throw new light on the mysterious death of the 42-year-old Deputy Director in the Ministry's Directorate General of Medical Services and his 34-year-old wife, who was a trained classical dancer.

The two were found dead in their official flat in Hudco Place in Defence Colony on Friday.