"We've made it clear that those who threaten or incite harm to Americans, wherever they are, will surely come to feel the long arm and the hard fist of justice," Carter said in an address to his soldiers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

He said the US campaign to deliver Islamic State (ISIS) or ISIL a lasting defeat, at its source and wherever it rears its head, is far from over.

Observing that US alone cannot accomplish the goal of defeating the ISIS, he said its lasting defeat must be a global undertaking because it's a global threat.

"Any nation that cares about the safety of its people or the future of its civilisation must know this. America will continue to lead the fight, but there can be no free riders," he said.

Carter said that he has personally reached out to his counterparts, the ministers of defence in 40 countries, to ask them to contribute to enhancing the fight against ISIL: more special operations forces, more strike and reconnaissance aircraft, weapons and munitions, training assistance, as well as combat support and combat service support.

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