The defiant move may put a spanner on the country's return to the Olympics but IOA officials have asserted that amendments to bar corruption-tainted officials cannot be carried out as Indian law permits chargesheeted persons to contest even Parliamentary elections.
IOC asked IOA to amend constitution

The IOC had on August 15 asked the IOA to amend its constitution incorporating the provisions to bar corruption- tainted persons from contesting elections proposed to be held next month.
It had subsequently warned of further action if the amendments were not carried out in the General Body Meeting.
But the IOA, led by Abhay Singh Chautala and Lalit Bhanot, who were elected president and Secretary General in the December 5 elections, has remained defiant.
Several IOA members chargesheeted in graft cases

The likes of Bhanot and VK Verma, who were chargesheeted in the 2010 Commonwealth Games scam along with former IOA chief Suresh Kalmadi, would not be able to contest elections if the anti-graft amendments are incorporated.
It is learnt that majority of the IOA officials are opposed to the amendments proposed by the IOC and tomorrow's GBM may well turn out to be a mere forum where officials have a general discussion without taking any decision.
Many IOA members not in favour of IOC proposals

"The General Body is the highest decision making body of the IOA and its competent to take whatever decision the House agrees to. As of now most of the members are not in favour of several provisions proposed by the IOC," a top IOA official said.
"We may discuss the amendments proposed by the IOC but a decision is unlikely. But everything will be decided by the GBM. Let us see what happens", he said.

"We respect the IOC but it has to understand that the IOA cannot go against the law of the land and Indian law permits chargesheeted persons from contesting even Parliamentary elections and an aggrieved person can approach a court of law and we will be embroiled in litigations in that situation," the official said.
IOC officials to attend IOA’s meeting

The official said the IOA would explain the three representatives of the IOC, who would be attending Sunday's GBM, about the legal position in India.
This despite the fact that the IOC had clearly stated that India's return in the Olympic fold could be in trouble in reply to a letter shot off by the IOA which insisted that the law of the land would prevail.
International Committee asked IOA to follow Olympic Charter

"The IOC has never questioned the principle that till one is convicted one is innocent. However, the IOC Code of Ethics clearly states that the Olympic parties (which include the NOCs) must undertake to respect and ensure the respect of the IOC Code of Ethics which says in particular that they must not act in a manner likely to tarnish the reputation of the Olympic Movement. The IOA (still suspended) must therefore act responsibly and must adopt a clear wording in its revised Constitution," the IOC stated in reply to the letter sent by IOA officials objecting to the revised draft constitution.
"The IOA is still currently suspended by the IOC for the reasons clearly indicated in the IOC Executive Board decision of 4 December 2012 notified to the IOA the same day by letter of the IOC president. I hope that the gravity of the situation has been well understood since then and the suspended IOA is now ready to act responsibly and in a unified manner to meet the conditions requested by the IOC," the world body had stated.
It is learnt that the IOA officials want to buy some time considering the fact that a new IOC President will be elected on September 7 in Buenos Aires in place of incumbent Jacques Rogge with the hope that the new head of the world body will have a sympathetic view towards the IOA.
But it remains to be seen what the three IOC observers will say in their report once they return to Lausanne.
The IOA has also been under intense pressure from the Sports Ministry and some top athletes of the country, including Olympic gold medallist shooter Abhinav Bindra, who has backed the IOC initiative to remove corruption tainted officials and clean up sports in the country.


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