In what could be a major blow to the battered image of the Central government, which is squirming amidst the allegations of 2G scams, graft and stinging price rise, strategically important files of telecoms have gone missing. The people of the country might be thinking that this must be a deliberate bid to hush up the matter. But in such a cynical atmosphere where people are losing their faith in the government, the Centre should come forward to make its stand clear on the issue that such vital files carrying many important decisions have disappeared and question of responsibility lies in it. The JPC, which is examining the 2G spectrum case, should enquire about the disappearance of the files. It is quite surprising, when the 2G issue is subjudice and all eyes are fixed on it, related vital files are missing. The Central establishment will have to explain, why did it fail to safeguard such sensitive files? Earlier too, the case of missing pages from the documents of 2G, which were submitted with the Supreme Court, came to light. All these seem to be thickening the speculation that somehow an effort is being made to sweep 2G skeletons under the carpet.

Shockingly, the Central government is, on the one hand, stressing on the transparency in governance and claiming that there is nothing to hide; on the other important dossiers of telecom have gone missing. It vividly indicates the modus operandi of the government is still antediluvian. It is claimed that usage of IT in the functioning of the government has been extended, while cases of missing files come to knowledge. It is sad that the Parliamentary Committee, which is examining the 2G scam, is waiting for disappearance of all files related to it in months. There was no need of waiting for long to happen this. The Parliamentary Committee per se should be proactive for getting access to these files. The concerned department of the dossiers may have their logic regarding the missing files, but people will not get satisfied with them. It would be wise that the government should swing into action to find the missing files, and change its functioning as well. Also, the government must ensure that important files in any department do not get disappeared again.