The vote on account was passed by voice vote in the Assembly. The total budget estimates of Rs 37,750 crore included Rs 15,350 crore for plan expenditure and an outlay of Rs 21,500 crore for non-plan expenses.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said all the expenses under each heads and departments are closely being monitored. There are many old practices in the systems which are being check thoroughly.

Slamming DDA, Sisodia said the government has to pay hefty amount to buy land from DDA even for basic facilities like schools, bus tops, hospitals, toilets and sport parks. "We were asked Rs 4 crore for one acre land by the DDA," he claimed.

Replying to BJP's question on the cost incurred in printing copies of vote on account, Sisodia said, "It is a good sign that people are discussing about number of copies printed, size and texture of budget. This shows that they have nothing to discuss about the content of the budget."

BJP MLA Vijendra Gupta criticised the budget, saying that it is unsustainable budget and also it lacks vision.

"...The budget is unsustainable and it lacks vision," Gupta said in the House.

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