India Today-Cicero pre-poll survey on Headlines Today channel projected a win for AAP giving it 38-46 seats while BJP has been projected to secure 19-25 seats. The Congress has been placed way behind with only 3-7 seats.

The vote share, according to the survey, for the AAP has been placed at 43.5 percent, the BJP at 35.5 percent and Congress at 13 percent. AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal has got 44 percent votes for the Chief Ministerial post while BJP's Kiran Bedi has got 35 percent votes.

In the 'poll of polls' on Times Now channel based on the results of five polls, AAP got 34 out of 70 while BJP 32 and Congress 4.

Earlier, the ABP Nielsen poll had projected 35 seats for AAP, 29 for BJP and 6 for Congress. C-Voter gave AAP 28, BJP 37 and Congress 5. The ET-TNS survey predicted 38 for AAP, 30 for BJP and 2 for Congress.

An HT survey had given AAP 39, BJP 30 and 5 for Congress. The Week poll gave AAP 29 seats while crediting BJP with 36 seats. Congress' position was pegged at 4.

In the 2013 polls, BJP had won 31 seats, AAP came victorious in 28 seats and Congress 8.

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