New Delhi: In a war of words triggered by the Delhi High Court blast, BJP on Friday accused the government of losing credibility and facing 'revulsion' of people while Home Minister P Chidambaram hit back, saying BJP cannot be bipartisan and show maturity even on a serious issue.

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The heated exchanges took place through press conferences addressed by Leaders of Opposition in both the Houses of Parliament on one side and Chidambaram and Parliamentary Affairs Minister P K Bansal on the other.

Referring to the Mumbai blasts before the start of Monsoon session of Parliament and the Delhi High Court blast two days ago, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said the government has failed to tackle the challenge of terror.
"Saying we will have zero tolerance towards terrorism is not enough. Bringing terrorism to zero level is important," he said and cited six cases of terror during Chidambaram's tenure which remained unresolved.
Jaitley mentioned the visit of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and ministers to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital where relatives of those dead and injured in the High Court blast had heckled them.
"I cannot recall any other session where government had lost so much face. Its ebbing credibility was virtually finished by the time the session ended....Revulsion has now set in," he said.
Shortly later, Chidambaram addressed a press conference, hitting back at Jaitley, saying the government expected the Opposition party to show "maturity, statesmanship and bipartisanship" when people are killed and suffering.
"It is deeply unfortunate that BJP should have so quickly given up the whatever pretence of bipartisanship shown two days ago...It is not in the DNA of BJP to maintain bipartisanship," he said.

Chidambaram slammed Swaraj and Jaitley for addressing the media on Delhi High Court bomb blast, saying he did not recall Leaders of Opposition attacking government after Parliament attack (in December 2001 when NDA was in power).
He said it was ‘unfortunate’ that Swaraj and Jaitley had addressed press on the issue of terrorism just two days after the Delhi High Court blast considering that India and its neighbourhood face terrible problem of terrorism.
Insisting that the government and security agencies were doing all that they could to end terror, he said nobody could give any guarantee that there would be no further attacks.
"We live in a troubled neighbourhood. What can we do except building capacities brick by brick to prevent a terror attack...We are building capacities every day," he said.
"We will do our best to protect the people...I know, no one in this country who can say that from tomorrow no terror attack will take place. If there is anyone, I will certainly take his advice," the Home Minister said.
He contended that no one "can accuse this government of not doing enough...Not a day passes, without adding a brick to our security architecture... All that we can do and we are doing."
Chidambaram underlined the need for putting everyone on high alert and gather intelligence as far as possible and try to prevent an attack or respond to an attack.

In this regard, he sought the cooperation of all sections of society, including chowkidars and shop owners.
Bansal added his bit, saying, "They (BJP) are expressing happiness, claiming they had an upper hand during the Session. This is unfortunate. Their real face has been exposed."

Relook security system: BJP

Charging the government with failing to solve any of the last six major terror attacks, BJP demanded a relook into the new system put in place after the Mumbai terror attack and toning up of intelligence apparatus.

At a press conference here, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said just before the Monsoon session of Parliament there were serial blasts in Mumbai and as it was drawing to a close the Delhi High Court blasts have taken place.

 "Saying we will have zero tolerance towards terrorism is not enough. Bringing terrorism to zero level is important," he said.

 Jaitley alleged that though after 26/11 a new system for combatting terror was announced, it is a matter of concern that probes into all the big cases have not been successful.

 He cited six terror attacks - Sitlaghat blast (Varanasi), Chinnaswamy stadium blast (Bangalore), German Bakery attack, Jama Masjid blast, Mumbai serial blasts and the previous Delhi High Court blast - and said in all of them the government was caught unawares.

"Neither was there prior information or actionable intelligence nor any leads have been found by NIA and other agencies till now," he said, adding this was a clear indication of the failure of these new systems.

He sought to know why the government had still not been able to infiltrate the ranks of the terrorist organizations and alleged that these groups now seem to have acquired the capability to by-pass our security apparatus.