New Delhi: A day after the arrest of second accused in the 5-year-old Delhi rape case, the prime accused in the case, 22-year-old Manoj Kumar, from whose room the girl was found, has blamed Pradeep for the brutal attack on the girl.

According to police sources, Manoj has claimed that he did not sexually assault the girl and it was his friend Pradeep who had insisted on bringing the girl.

"Manoj said he met Pradeep in a train. The two were casual labourers who would often meet for a drink," a police official told said. Police said Manoj had admitted that on the day of the incident the two had been drinking, and struck up the idea of finding a girl.

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Manoj claimed that Pradeep insisted on bringing a girl to the house and he went out and lured the girl with a chocolate, sources said. Manoj also told police that he did not sexually assault the girl, they said. "We will interrogate Pradeep to learn if what Manoj said is true," the police official said.

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He had also claimed that they fled from the house after strangulating her to avoid being identified later and thought that she was dead, they said.

Pradeep, who was named by first accused Manoj Kumar, was apprehended from Barahiya village in Bihar's Lakhisarai on late Sunday night, Bihar Director General of Police Abhayanand said. Pradeep is a native of Darbhanga district.
A Delhi Police team with the help of Bihar Police Special Task Force arrested Pradeep from his maternal uncle's residence, wehere he was hiding, the DGP said.
Manoj, who was arrested on Saturday from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, had told police during interrogation that one of his friends was also involved in the crime.

Manoj was held from the state's Mujaffarpur district on Saturday, where he was hiding at the home of his parents-in-law. He was sent to judicial custody on Sunday till May 4, following his two-day interrogation by Delhi Police.   Pradeep was arrested Monday from Lakhi Sarai district, where he was hiding at his maternal uncle's house.  
The girl was raped on April 15 in a building in east Delhi's Gandhinagar locality where the victim and accused Manoj lived and she was rescued 40 hours later on April 17.

Five-year-old rape survivor recovering, say doctors

New Delhi: The five-year-old rape survivor is recovering and her wounds are showing signs of healing, doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said on Monday.

"She is showing signs of recovery. The girl's wounds are showing signs of healing, though it will take some time to heal completely. We have been giving her a liquid and semi-solid diet since yesterday," AIIMS Medical Superintendent DK Sharma told reporters.

Asked if the girl would be able to lead a normal life in future, Dr. Sharma said doctors were trying their best to ensure that this would be so to the extent possible. He said the child was too young to understand what had happened to her but counselling would be provided if the need arose.


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