New Delhi: The national capital “New Delhi” was developed at a cost of mere Rs 13 crore during the British rule. The figures are surprising but true. The facts have been unfolded in a book written by journalist and author Malvika Singh and historian Rudrangshu Mukerjee. Singh belongs to one of the families that helped build Delhi.

As India is celebrating 100 years of establishment of Delhi as the national capital, the authors in their book “New Delhi: The Making Of A Capital” have tried to showcase the myriad hues of Delhi.

The authors have highlighted several aspects of Delhi including expenses that came on construction of several heritage buildings during the Britishers. These figures are more fascinating as compared to today’s trend where construction of a building in Delhi’s posh area cannot be imagined in a mere Rs 13 crore.

The garment house which is presently the Rastrapati Bhawan was constructed in around Rs 1 crore. The several buildings in north block and south block which is presently known as Central Secretariat was constructed at a minimal cost of just Rs 1.53 crore.  Moreover, the Parliament building was constructed in Rs 83 lakhs by the Britishers.

(JPN/ Bureau)