New Delhi: Even as the councillors of Municipal Corporation of Delhi are still making hue and cry over the issue of their remuneration, Delhi Cantonment Board (DCB) councillors are lucky enough as the Union Defence Ministry has given approval for their salary.

DCB Deputy Chairperson Anupma Tripathi informed that the amount would be given in the form of honorarium and not as salary. Notably, an amendment of Cantonments Act 2006 had a provision of remuneration for DCB councillors.

At present there are eight councillors elected in DCB and they do not get any remuneration to date. Under the new provision, the Deputy Chairperson of DCB and other councilors would get an honorarium worth Rs 5000 and 4000 respectively.

RS 1000 for conveyance and 250 for communication expenses would be given to the DCB councillors and the provision would be applicable from August 1.

However, there is a mixed reaction among the DCB councillors over the issue of honorarium approval as they were expecting salary.

Tripathi said, “This is a welcome step but the amount is very little and Expenses are much higher.”