The 46-year-old AAP leader, who landed at the airport around noon accompanied by his parents, headed straight to Jindal Nature Cure Institute on Tumkuru Road on city outskirts, where treatment began in right earnest by a team of four doctors.
"He has got uncontrolled sugar level and uncontrolled cough is there. So far, we have done the basic ECG...; tomorrow we will do the blood test about the fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar and even his general health condition..." Dr Babina Nandakumar, Chief Medical at Jindal Nature Cure Institute, told reporters.
Nandakumar said, "We have a set of four senior doctors who will be taking care of him, so we all will be working together like - acupuncturist will also be there, physiotherapist, the yoga officer. So everybody combined together will be prescribing him the treatment."

She said the treatment had been started with the first step being detoxification and naturopathy so as to eliminate toxins from different parts of his body.".... we have already started with the mud pack, eye pack, enema, some massages, steam all these things we have already started...."
Kejriwal is staying in an accommodation with two bedrooms, a hall and a treatment room, called "Nest" at the Institute, a specialty charitable naturopathy and yoga hospital in an eco friendly campus of 100 acres.

The AAP leader has come to Bengaluru amidst turbulence in his party with deepening divide after the party's National Executive meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday eased out founder members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the Political Affairs Committee, the party's key decision-making body.