New Delhi: After the increasing number of cases of drunken driving, Tis Hazari Court has advocated for harsh punishments to eradicate the drunk and disorderly at public places. The court stated that the traffic police alone would never be able to curb the ill practice until the tough penalty is in place. While hearing a drunken driving case, Justice S S Tripathi pressed for a strong provision.

While dismissing the plea of the accused Dinesh Kumar, a South Delhi resident, for relief, the Court said that there is a strict order from the Supreme Court that if one is arrested for killing a person while driving having been in a drunken state, he will be sentenced for ten years. In the present case, Dinesh was sentenced for a 10-day jail term along with a fine of Rs 2,000 by the metropolitan magistrate. Dinesh approached the session court challenging the order of the magistrate, in his plea he said he should have been released after the payment of the fine.

The court, while refusing to show leniency to Dinesh, said, “Either the drunken drivers escape or if caught, he tries every possible effort to escape the ire of traffic cops.  Whenever they are caught, they try to escape by paying the fine. They do not want to end up in jail. If there are strict laws, such people will avoid getting involved in the ill-practice.