AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal said he was personally not in favour of taking support of Congress or Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for forming a government but decided to go to people for a referendum after difference of opinion emerged among the party members and the people.

Kejriwal said that he would respect and follow the ‘people’s verdict’, whether it was against or for the party.
"I was personally against the forming of a government. Because we had maintained that we won't take support from or give to Congress or BJP. But off late, a section of people started to say that we should form the government while another section was opposed to it, so we decided to go back to people to decide," he said.
AAP gets 4.5 lakh responses

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party, which has sought public opinion on whether it should form a government or not, has received over 4.5 lakh responses through SMS, email and phone calls.
"We have received over 4.5 lakh suggestions whether to form the government or not since we have opened our phone lines and website last evening," an AAP leader said.

The debutant party said the exercise to elicit people’s views would continue till Sunday evening and the result would be declared on Monday morning.
On Saturday and Sunday, the party plans to conduct public meetings and get the opinion of the people which some party leaders said would be ‘more valuable for us as it would be coming directly from the horse's mouth’.

AAP with 28 seats is the second largest party in the 70-member Delhi Assembly. Congress has eight seats.

Arvind Kejriwal-Anna Hazare rift?

Kejriwal also alleged that crores of rupees have been spent by political and vested interests to create a ‘division’ between him and veteran social activist Anna Hazare.
Asked to elaborate on the political and vested interests, Kejriwal, without taking names, merely said, “All wrong people in every party have spent many crores of rupees to keep us apart for their vested interest.”
Describing Hazare as his ‘guru’ who lives ‘in his heart’, he said there are people who believe that their coming together will be more powerful than an ‘atom bomb’.
To a question about the rift between the Hazare camp and AAP, Kejriwal maintained that, "Anna is my guru. He is in my heart."
“There are very big political and vested interests in the country who feel that the coming together of Annaji and Kejriwal will be more powerful than an atom bomb,” he told an English news channel.


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