New Delhi: With national capital facing frequent earthquakes, the Delhi Government is gearing up to overcome the crisis. Delhi Disaster Management Department is working on setting up a separate communication frequency to strengthen the disaster management system. At present, the police, security forces and other agencies have different communication frequencies and they use confidential code words to interact with one another.

Vijay Kumar Dev, Divisional Commissioner of Delhi (Revenue) says that TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) set is not much effective due to different communication frequencies used in the disaster management. Balanced and better communication facilities among the different agencies will surely help avert the disastrous situations. He added that Delhi is under Zone four as far as the earthquake is concerned.

Delhi disaster management performed mega mock drill regarding their preparations on 15 Feb. After this exercise, it revealed that we still need more preparation in this regard.
Lenter and pillar of higher quality, crane and modern equipments have to be provided to react immediately on any unprecedented situations.

It is also necessary to set up an ambulance facility in the national capital. After the municipal cooperation elections, Delhi emergency medical practice will be done once again to test the methodology and ability of hospitals.