Vestsjælland also known as FCV Vikings are one of the top teams from Denmark, who finished runners up in the Danish cup this year. The club also has a strong Indian connect as Subrata Pal, the Indian goalkeeper also played for the Danish side.

Denmark is a country who has constantly uplifted football in its truest sense. Football is their National Sport with 356,754 players and 1,635 clubs registered under the Danish FA. Started by British sailors, the tradition of playing football has never died down in Denmark.

Legends like Peter Schmeichel, brothers Michael Laudrup and Brian Laudrup and current players like Daniel Agger and Christian Eriksen have made the country swell with pride at various occasions.

"The experience in Sweden was fantastic with quality infrastructure and opponent. We are expecting the same from Denmark as Sweden and Denmark are one of the best European football nations – infrastructure and game wise. We will play against FCV also called FC Vikings and it will not be an easygame.

"It was very strategic of us to play difficult games before we go back to India so as to estimate what we can expect from our opponents back at home and improve ourselves accordingly. It adds practice to the squad and becomes a great learning experience for us. Denmark will be our last stop and then we will come back to you, India!" said club President Prashant Agarwal.

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