New Delhi: A picture tells a thousand words and everyone loves to embrace the glimpses of a rich heritage and history of one’s own city. If coins, stamps and tickets carry stories of past and other memoirs they are surely worth collecting.

Collecting and preserving old coins and rare currencies is although a difficult as well as an expensive task but not an impossible one for a family of Delhi who loves to collect and preserve old tickets. Fond of collecting tickets, this family has been engaged in this hobby from several decades.

Gupta family’s hobby of collecting rare tickets continues unabated since 1930 and at the present the third generation of the family is keeping the streak alive.

A member of the family, P C Gupta said, “My father Ram Nath Gupta ‘Gote wale’ was really passionate of collecting tickets. He started collecting tickets around 1930, and by 1971, he possessed a unique and rare number of collections. He wrote in his will prior to his death in 1997 that his grandson  Abhishek would inherit the precious collection and would be responsible for their maintainance which he had collected in all these years.”

Abhishek too had a craze for collecting stamps since his very childhood. At present he is credited with having a wide collection of unique tickets.

This hobby is now extended to his near and dear friends along with family. One of the close friends of  PC Gupta , Subhash Shorewala  removes all the tickets from envelopes which come  in handy and preserves them.

What is amazing that both the friends broke into the business of tickets last year only.  According to Subhash Shorewala, to collect and preserve rare tickets is really  a costly affair.

He further said “ To maintain the stamps properly they are laminated and kept in specially prepared plastic covers.

Social activist Anna Hazare, whose anti-corruption campaign has drawn huge public support of all age groups and gender impressed a publisher from Delhi to the extent that he used special pictures and slogans of the movement and published them on the envelopes for which he demanded a price of Rs 500 each.

Narender said, “To strengthen the Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, I have used the pictures and slogans and have prepared 100 envelopes for now.  The front cover of the envelopes portrays a collage of Anna Hazare’s pictures showing him in different phases of the Delhi’s edition of the movement. The back cover of the envelope shows different slogans stated by Anna during the movement, along with pictures. All of the envelopes are designed similar to stamps.”