New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, an Afghanistan native who travelled to India via air was caught with an illegal drug capsule hidden in his stomach. This is one example of drug smuggling in India, which is on the rise in the national capital.

According to sources, drugs worth crores of rupees are smuggled to Delhi regularly. The smugglers use the national capital as a transit point.

Recently, the Crime Branch found that drug peddlers are smuggling hashish and they transport it to Delhi via Bihar.

Besides this, prohibited drugs like Afadrin and Methaculen are also shipped to European countries with the help of containers.

According to police, time and again action has been taken against smugglers but they fail to rein in the illegal activities owing to the lack of coordination among officials.

“The flourishing business is attracting drug smugglers from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, who adopt new ways to prevent arrests and detentions,” officials said.

Opium is said to be smuggled through gas cylinders. Other drugs are transported through oil tanks, railways parcel rooms, post offices etc. “A women caught with drugs in Delhi hid the drugs in the stabilizer of her TV,” sources said.

The investigation revealed that the smuggling has shot up in comparison to 2008 that indicates the intake of drugs in Delhi is on the rise. Nowadays, Afghani heroine is reported to be in a great demand in the national capital.