A government official said the women in their grievance have stated that their passports and other important documents have been taken away by the "drug mafia".
They requested the government to help in the matter and arrange for their safe return to Uganda, top officials said.
"They were taken to the Deputy Commissioner's (South) office and their statements were registered under section 164 CrPC. We have already approached the MEA seeking protection to them. We also requested the Ministry to arrange for their return to Uganda," they said.
The women said they live in Khirki Extension area of Malviya Nagar where Law Minister Somnath Bharti had allegedly led a group of AAP supporters in conducting a raid against some African women accusing them of involvement in a prostitution racket.
The Congress and BJP as well as various women organizations had come down hard on Bharti for his action. However, AAP had maintained he was innocent and wanted the police to carry out a raid against an alleged drug and prostitution ring.


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