The proposal which was initiated by Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell in September last year was approved by Delhi's chief secretary in May this year, after being cleared by the Food Safety Commissioner, Delhi government officials said.
"It has been almost six months that the file is lying with the L-G and we are awaiting his nod to impose the ban," an official said.
"Gutka was banned in Delhi in September 2012, after which sellers started selling the components of gutka (raw tobacco and supari) in two separate pouches because of which, the purpose of banning the gutka was totally defeated. Thus we decided to ban all raw chewable tobacco products in Delhi and make it a tobacco-free city," Additional Director, Health, S K Arora said.
The raw chewable tobacco products include khaini, zarda among others.
According to officials, gutka is also being supplied to retailers in Delhi from neighbouring states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.
The last day of every month has been declared as a dry day for tobacco by the Delhi government.
Stepping up its efforts towards tobacco control, the health department has also launched an innovative drive, creating a 'Tobacco Aware Citizens' Directory' to spread the word about its harmful effects.
The initiative has zero financial implications and aims to sensitise people about the harmful effects of tobacco use by creating a large network.
Those who actively participate in the drive will be given a merit certificate and be termed a bona fide 'Tobacco Aware Citizen of Delhi'. Their names will be included in the Tobacco Aware Citizens of Delhi Directory, he added.

The department has collected email ids from hospitals and educational institutions and is now randomly sending out questions to them to seek their participation in the drive.
The initiative presents questions on tobacco awareness for the participants through emails and other social media as well as multimedia messaging service WhatsApp.

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