New Delhi: The Supreme Court while hearing a petition on Wednesday observed that denying ration card to the BPL people is just like denying Right to Live or Right to Eat. The court observation came while hearing a plea in which the Delhi government had submitted that some BPL people were not issued ration cards because the quota decided by the Central government was over.

Justice S Murlidhar expressed his disbelief over the quota of the ration card and said: “How quotas for the ration card could be decided for a state like Delhi where every day the population and number of migrants is increasing?”  “The increasing population needs BPL cards, and in circumstances like this, state government or Planning Commission cannot decide any quota,” Murlidhar added.

The Court directed the state government to fix the problem within four weeks and instructed the government to inform the court about the progress. The court would then decide on the problems faced during the issue of new ration cards.

The court has also directed the Delhi government's Food and Supplies Department to appoint a Nodal officer to distribute the ration card and fix the problems related to it.    

A petitioner in her petition had prayed before the Apex Court that her husband has been denied a BPL card. She also submitted a report of the survey conducted by the Delhi government, according to which 65 percent of people coming under the below poverty line are not having ration card.

Referring to a letter written by an officer appointed by the Supreme Court to an NGO, the Apex Court stated that there is provision under which the fixed quota can be increased. Not only this, many state governments have increased the quota, which was decided by the Central government, according to their requirement.

(JPN/ Bureau)