New Delhi: The provisional certificate of 200 colonies in Delhi is on the verge of being cancelled. The certificates of 74 colonies have already been revoked after instance of forging certificates for colonies that do not exist in reality came to light.

After the incident, the Delhi government is in a tight spot. The matter has been brought to the notice of Delhi Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sareen.  Acting on the complaint, Justice Sareen has issued a notice to the Delhi government demanding a detailed report on this matter.

Following the government’s order commissioner Vijay Dev investigated the case and presented a report to Chief Secretary P K Tripathi and also to the Lokayukta. But after submitting the report to Delhi government as well as to the Lokayukta, officials realized that in context of the political scenario some changes need to be made in the report.

Vijay Dev was pressurized to withdraw the report he had submitted to the Lokayukta, therefore, he requested Manmohan Sareen to return the report but Justice Sareen denied his request. The confidential report of the commissioner uncovers some very intricate issues where some political leaders and bureaucrats in collusion labeled vacant land as unauthorised colonies in order to get provisional certificates for the land so that they could carry out commercial activities on them.

The report has quoted the number of such unauthorized colonies to be 300. The Delhi government officials said, “The government has not legalised any such colony only the provisional certificates have been given. Also, the government is planning to cancel the certificates of 200 more such colonies.”