Delhi government on May 31 issued an advisory to its hospitals stating that Per Vaginal (PV) examination, also referred to as 'two-finger test', for rape survivors can be conducted with their consent.

The advisory, based on a 14-page document made by an expert panel, claims doctors cannot be made to function under the constraint of a complete ban of this examination.

Women's rights activists have objected to this test for years, claiming it leads to shaming the survivor by jumping to conclusions about her character.

In 2013, the Supreme Court had pointed out that the test violated a victim’s right to privacy and asked the government to provide better medical procedures to confirm sexual assault.

A new set of guidelines on treating victims of sexual assault framed by the Union health ministry with the help of the Indian Council for Medical Research and Department of Health Research last year had proposed banning the test.

The test is said to serve three purposes — examine genital organs to “elicit signs of forced penetration”, document and evaluate extent of injuries, check for infection and treat them, and collect appropriate samples.

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