New Delhi, Jan 18 (Agencies): Taking lessons from the last year's flood fury affecting several areas in East Delhi, the city government today finalised a project worth over Rs 30 crore under which embankments and high walls will be built in the low-lying areas.

After a high-level meeting, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said considering last year's flood in areas along Yamuna, government has finalised the plan to protect the areas from similar situation.

Heavy rains and release of over 60 lakh cusecs of water by neighbouring Haryana into Yamuna in mid-September resulted in the river's water level surging by over two metres above the danger mark and inundating several low-lying areas in East Delhi.

The government had to evacuate and provide food and shelter to over 4,000 people for a couple of weeks.

"Last year several areas in East Delhi were flooded. Considering that, we have finalised a plan so that similar situation does not recur this year," Dikshit said.

PWD Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan, who was also present in the meeting, said government has finalised a project worth Rs 31 crore which will be put up before the Cabinet soon for approval.

"We will take every possible initiative to ensure that similar flood situation does happen this time in areas along Yamuna river," said Chauhan.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister was given a presentation about the project.