Chandigarh: The Western Yamuna Canal (WYC) built for quenching thirst of people in Delhi and Haryana has now turned toxic. The industrial and household waste released in the drain built on the canal has changed its course to opposite direction and is making the canal water poisonous.

Built at a cost of Rs 10.28 crore, the people of Haryana and Delhi are forced to drink poisonous water. Under Section 64 of the Haryana Canal and Drainage Act 1974, releasing waste material in the river is prohibited since July 2003.

However, four big industrial plants and several domestic units in Yamuna Nagar and Jagadhri have been releasing waste in the WYC main line since a long time.

Not only this, the waste from two sewage plants of Public Health Engineering Department with per day capacity of 35 million litres is also released in the canal.

As a major portion of Delhi and Haryana population consumes water supplied from the canal, a ditch drain was to be built on the canal to protect the people from water-borne diseases.
Rs 13.71 crore was approved for the ditch drain in June 2007. This 23 kilometre drain was to be laid till Dhanoda escape channel in Karnal district and 75 acres of land was acquired for the purpose. The waste material from Yamuna Nagar and Jagadhri had to travel 50 kilometre distance to reach the ditch drain.

According to chief engineer of Yamuna Water Services Department, the project was completed in March 2011. When waste material is released in the canal, it starts flowing in opposite direction due to faulty design.

According to report of Haryana Accountant General, the 3,000 ft long ditch drain has been built on a 20 ft high structure filled with sand due to which the waste material changes its course and drains into Yamuna instead of flowing into Dhanoda escape channel.

Irrigation Department Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary have been asked to give an explanation in this regard.