New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has ordered the Central government to file a detailed affidavit on how funds meant for welfare of child labourers are being utilized following their rescue.

A division bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna has asked the Central government to file an affidavit explaining how the Rehabilitation and Welfare Fund meant for these children is being utilized.

“We want to know whether the money is being spent as per the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court. We also direct the Centre to specify on how much money has been deposited in the fund after collecting it from the guilty owners,” the bench asked.

The order came after the Delhi police filed a case seeking a status report on registering 222 cases against their employers.

Petitioner's counsel H S Phulka told the court that so far 1,428 children have been rescued from various factories.

“As per the rules, twenty thousand rupees is to be collected from each guilty owner and to be deposited into the fund meant for the welfare of children,” said Phulka, adding “That money is not being used correctly.”
In the past, the court had ordered the government to follow the same guidelines with regards to child labourers as laid down by Supreme Court in MC Mehta case.

On March 17 this year, a non-governmental organization ‘Save the Childhood Movement’ activists along Sub-Division Magistrate visited in the factories located in East Delhi areas like Geeta Colony and Khureji to rescue child laborers.

The team was attacked by goons when they went to Geeta Colony to rescue 20 such children and the children were taken away.

The court took the matter seriously.