New Delhi: It seems the two sketches released by the investigating agencies to nab the perpetrators of the Delhi High Court blast has invited problems for them instead of providing leads into the case.

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) is flooded with calls claiming to have seen faces similar to that of sketches and have decided not to release the third sketch.

According to a senior official, it is impossible for the NIA to investigate all these claims.

The Delhi Police had prepared two sketches based on the account of eyewitnesses on the day of blast.

After the sketches were released, the NIA was flooded with calls giving information about people who looked similar to the sketches.

An Uttar Pradesh-based man Shahzad had to bear the brunt as he was detained by the police for interrogation. Later on, he was released after questioning.

Similar type of cases also took place in Jalandhar.

Observing these difficulties, the NIA has decided not to release the third sketch.

According to sources, the third sketch was of the person who had kept the briefcase near Gate No. 5 of the High Court.