Jammu: In a major development in the last month’s Delhi High Court blast, National Investigating Agency (NIA) has come across important leads after probing the bank transaction details of terror blast suspect Dr Wasim Malik.

During the investigations NIA has discovered that Wasim was having accounts with three different banks. Moreover, heavy transaction worth crores has been made during the blast through these accounts.

Heavy amounts were deposited in his account and the sums were later deposited in accounts of different people.

An NIA team visited Kishtwar to find crucial links in the case on Tuesday.

The team had a masked man in tow with them when they visited Kishtwar. According to the sources, Wasim was taken to Kishtwar as a part of investigating process and his family and relatives were also interrogated by the team.

The team is satisfied with the probe in Kishtwar, said a source.