Kishtwar: The disclosure of the startling fact that the conspiracy for Delhi High Court blast was hatched in Kishtwar has not only given several sleepless nights but also raised a question over their functioning.

The NIA team in its investigation has revealed that the entire plot was planned in Kishtwar. The team further disclosed that Dr Wasim Akram has admitted that several meetings were held at his Duga resident in Kishtwar before the explosion.

Two other militants were involved in these meetings and they framed the plot for the terrorist attack. The agency said that explosive materials used in the explosions were gathered from Kishtwar. 

The meetings were attended by ISI’s special representative and former Major Yashir Ahmed, a terrorist operative in the Kishtwar’s Duga area and many others.

Even though the terrorists have remained active in their movement, the security agencies as well as the local police have remained clueless on such issues.

Despite the fact that there are many check posts of Army and police from Kishtwar to Medwa, the terrorists could not be identified.

Even, after the blast, the e-mail that claimed the responsibility for the terror attack was also send from the Kishtwar area.

(JPN/ Bureau)