The verdict came after the recent launch of smartphone by OnePlus, which has received critical acclaim.

Few days ago, Delhi High Court provided interim relief to Xiaomi and allowed the Chinese handset maker to sell devices in Indian market which are powered by Qualcomm's chipsets.

According to the court order, Indian handset manufacturer Micromax has been granted an injunction as the OnePlus One run afoul its exclusive right to have the Cyanogenmod ROM in India.

Although OnePlus One, is allowed to clear its existing stock in the country. While, for the initial sale OnePlus only brought 20,000 devices to the domestic market.

It is worth mentioning that earlier in December, controversy over Micromax's exclusive deal with Cyanogenmod flared up. OnePlus One is possibly the first smartphone to use Cyanogenmod and has received compliments because of the ROM and its hardware.

After the announcement of the deal between Micromax and Cyanogen, OnePlus announced that its phones in the country will not receive an update to Cyanogenmod. Instead, it is working on a separate Android Lollipop based ROM, which will replace Cyanogenmod on its existing hardware in India.