New Delhi: There is a saying, water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. To make the proverb meaningful, the state government is planning to divide Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to stop the misuse of water and for better functioning of the body.

Taking cue from the lines of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the state government has suggested plans to divide the DJB.

DJB will hire a consultant who would study different perspectives of the board and submit a report on reformation of the Jal board. Acting on the state government’s initiative, the DJB has already started the reform project in this regard. With this move the DJB would focus on proper supply of water in coming summers.

After handing over the water supply of three areas to the private companies, the board now wants to focus on reformation work in an organized manner.

Consultant to be hired to look into  DJB’s present structure

According to sources, a consultant who will be hired soon, will look after the present structure and study the various aspects of the division and reformation of the board. A senior official said, “The water is supplied from six water plants in Delhi, the consultant will study the demand and supply patterns. His report would also include the profit and losses analysis.”

The Delhi government wants the water supply be more organized through private companies just like electricity supply in Delhi.

The Delhi Electricity Board which was responsible for electricity supply in Delhi till 2001 was divided in 2002.  Earlier, the government had announced the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in water supply in Delhi and formation of regulatory commission to manage the water supply.