In the memorandum issued by the LG's Secretary, it was stated that officers would face strict action for non-compliance with the order.
"Government of India has taken note of current constitutional position in Delhi and major instances of violation of the constitution, laws and rules, such as change in the pay structure of DANICS officers, the constitution of so-called Commission of Inquiry etc.
"Government of India has declared these decisions of Government of NCT AAP as illegal and ab initio void," the memorandum stated.
It stated that the orders (of the AAP Government) declared by the Government of India as illegal should not be complied with.
"Should any officer choose to do so, both disciplinary action for compliance of illegal orders, and recovery of financial loss caused to the Government as a result of such action, would follow," it also stated.
The memorandum stated that any officer placed with the Delhi government acts contrary to the orders/directions of Government of India and it's delegates i.e Lt Governor and takes any action against the provisions of the Constitution, laws and rules to implement "illegal and ab initio void orders", will be held responsible for such action and shall invite action.

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