"Here was an innocent lady who handed over her body as well as her money to the convict on the belief that he will be her life partner but was totally unaware of evil intentions of the convict, who was all out to gain only the bodily pressure from her by deceit,” Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhatt said.

"The convict's family background, as canvassed by his counsel before me, does not persuade me to take a lenient view in his favour. The crime committed by the convict is very serious and he does not deserve any leniency at all. He has ruined the prosecutrix physically, psychologically and also financially," he further said.

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 1.5 lakh on the convict, Rohit Tiwari, directing that the amount realised shall be paid to the victim.

The court, while convicting Tiwari, had observed that he had been deceitfully exploiting the woman sexually as well as financially and deliberately concealed his marriage from her.

"He knew that the woman may be averse to sexual relations with a married man and hence told her that he was unmarried. The prosecutrix believed the words of convict to such an extent that she not only consented to physical relations with him but also had been extending financial help to him regularly," it said.

The court held that the convict had dishonest intentions since the beginning, while noting that the woman had paid Rs three lakh to him on two occasions to help him come out of financial constraints but he fled with the money.
According to the prosecution, a complaint was lodged in December 2013 by the woman, who had a love affair with the convict, alleging that he established physical relations with her on false promise of marriage and disappeared after taking money from her.

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