New Delhi: The most awaited Delhi master plan 2021 will hopefully be implemented by December 2011. The Lok Sabha has passed the National Capital Region (special provision) bill 2011 on Friday.

The Delhi master plan could not be implemented as the government has been struggling with the problems of unauthorized colonies and slums in the national capital.

In order to execute the directives of the Supreme Court and High Court, the Delhi Government started making efforts to formulate a policy on unauthorized colonies, regulating vendors, improvement in the conditions of shanties, residential planning and on farmhouses.

The government made suitable changes in the master plan in 2007, but the implementation  of this plan has been delayed with the passage of time.

Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath on Friday introduced a bill in Parliament in this regard, stating “The steps are being taken as per the regulation on unauthorized colonies and such colonies are being identified which cannot be regulated. Besides, Delhi Development Authority is also considering the formulation of policy on the management of farm houses.”

However to implement these policies and programmes, schemes and related strategies, the minister said, more time will be required.

Meanwhile, the bill passed in Lok Sabha will be effective till December 31.