New Delhi: Delhi metro is considered the most convenient and safest mode of public transport for the commuters of Delhi/NCR. And the initiative to reserve the first coach for women has instilled a sense of security amongst them. However, a recent incident where two women were molested at Rajiv Chowk station last Sunday has again started a debate over the safety and security of women in Delhi metro.
After this incident, the women commuters are no longer feeling safe even in the reserved coaches of metro trains. Working women, school and college students often complain of Eve teasing in the metro especially while travelling during the night. Surprisingly very few victims retaliate and rather move to another coach or seat.  

A similar incident was shared by Nibha, who daily commutes by metro from Pitampura to her ITO based office. According to Nibha she was once returning home from her office at around 9.45 PM when 5 to 6 men, all under the influence of alcohol, entered the ladies coach and on being told to leave got into an argument with women passengers. There weren’t any security personnel present either who could have been approached.

Alka, a resident of Mayur Vihar has also been a witness to such incident. She tells us that once while on her way to office, she entered the general compartment of the metro train which was packed with passengers. Soon a man, who was also under the influence of alcohol, came and sat besides her forcing Alka to cover her nose due to the foul smell. The man took it offensively and began to stare and rub his elbow against her. The girl who wanted to raise an alarm by informing the metro staff had no option but to move away from there as the coach was packed and reaching to the alarm button was nearly impossible.

Aditi, Anand and Megha, residents of Lajpat Nagar, demand for security personnel in each coach for the safety. They also said that the commuters should be well educated about how to raise an alarm.


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