"If we change the present rule, police won't be able to harass the restaurateurs and the youth," said Sharma, adding after a certain age, the youth should have the freedom to exercise their choice and the government should not interfere into it.

Reacting to the BJP's allegations that for the sake of money the Delhi government of putting our culture at the stake, Sharma said, "If BJP thinks that by lowering the age there was a threat to our culture, then it should save the culture in Goa, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh, while the responsibility of saving culture in Delhi rests with us."

Giving example of Maharashtra, Goa, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh in this regard, the minister cited a similar law should also be enforced in Delhi to check harassment of businessmen and the youth.

People from the industry told me that there was rampant corruption due to the existing law guiding the boozing age, said Sharma, adding that the people of Delhi should have a similar freedom as the people of other states.

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