"Delhi is a city with a rich history and monuments like India Gate and Red Fort define that. It perfectly complements the energy and enthusiasm of the city's people. I have some tattoo designs in mind inspired from Delhi," says Patanage. Not only are his designs unique but Patange says so are techniques and materials used by him. Organic ink colors sourced from fruits and vegetables are among Patange's favourites. And, says the artist that such inks are a safe bet with people who choose sensitive body
parts to get inked on.
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before the needle picks up the color to do its magic on the canvas of human skin. Long conversations with the customers and getting to know an individual's personality and thoughts  is essential before the masterpiece is embedded into the skin, says Patange.
"A tattoo is something which is permanent even more than a relationship. That's why I have a long chat with all customers who come to me with an idea for a tattoo and generally I dissuade them from inscribing names.
"The final result is something very unique and has never been done before because the design reflects and complements one's personality. Its something which shows who you really are and that can't be same as anyone else's and that's how it stands apart," he says.


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