New Delhi: Large scale construction work in Delhi and NCR along with increasing number of vehicles is leading to the building up of an envelope of dust particles in the area which has started showing its signs on the atmosphere also.  Significantly, a thick layer of haze which was visible in Delhi and NCR area on Friday was infact not fog but smoke.

According to weather Scientist SC Bhan, “This condition is likely to prevail for next 2 or 3 days which can also cause many health related problems.”

Health experts are advising people especially asthma patients to cover their faces and nostrils while going out of house. They have warned that the current weather trend could prove hazardous for people’s health. A number of people experienced even breathing problems on Friday evening.

“As compared to Thursday, there was two degree rise in temperature on Friday making the temperature 32 degree,” said Bhan.

As per Dr KK Aggarwal of Moolchand hospital, “Asthmatics and COPD (Cardiopulmonary disease) patients are among the most affected by this unusual trend of weather. He has advised them to consult their respective doctors.” 

 “Such type of layer of smoke is rarely seen. A change in weather can also cause throat related problems in people,” he said, advising people to remain indoors.

“Polluted smoke can create burning sensation in eyes,” said Dr Mahipal Sachdev.