New Delhi: Shaken up by the Anna effect, the Delhi government has pulled up its sleeves to provide timely services to the people. After implementation of the Citizen Charter in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh by Chief Minister Mayawati, the Sheila government has also woken up to the cause.

In a meeting of all the departmental Heads (HODs) on Friday, Chief Secretary of Delhi government, PK Tripathi, directed them to deliver services to the people within the fixed time period and make sure that the work is done. He further stated that The Delhi (Right of Citizens to time-bound delivery of services) Act, 2011 passed by the Legislative Assembly will be implemented from September 15.

Tripathi said, “We are committed to provide quality services to the residents of Delhi. It is very necessary to make the employees and officers sensitive to the subject of this Act.”

He ordered the HODs to appoint Nodal, Authority and Appellate officers in their departments and inform in this regard.

He informed that specific time limit has been fixed for various services which need to be adhered.

Tripathi made it clear that in case of non-compliance of the rule, penalty would be implied on them and said, “If the indolent and careless employees do not provide the service within the fixed time limit, a penalty of Rs 10 per day upto Rs 200 per applicant will be levied on them.”

In order to motivate the employees, he also added, “If they deliver the services within the stipulated time period responsibly, there is also a provision of awarding them with Rs 5,000 prize money”.

Tripathi directed the officials to display Citizen's Charter on their department’s signboard with information on related services, the concerned officials and their functions and share it on the government website too.

He has also directed the Information and Broadcasting Directorate to prepare a comprehensive media plan to promote the Act through radio, television and outdoor publicity along with advertisements. 

He declared that all departments under the government of Delhi will make all payments above Rs 10,000 under this system only.