After meeting the ex-servicemen, Joint Commissioner of Police Mukesh Kumar Meena addressed media persons along with the veterans, and said, "We respect the veterans."

"We take care of internal security, but it is the soldiers who guard the border, and the Delhi Police know that without them the country cannot be safe," Meena told reporters.

"We discussed in detail the incident of 14th (August). Confusions do occur at times, we will try to rectify our mistakes," Meena said. "We did not intend to hurt anyone," he added. On behalf of the veterans, Major Gen. Satbir Singh (retd.) stated the police have assured them that such incidents would not recur.

On Friday, Independence Day-eve, police tried to forcefully evict the protesting ex-servicemen from Jantar Mantar, leading to a scuffle and leaving the veterans upset over the treatment meted out to them despite their being ex-servicemen of the country.

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