Unveiling the logo at its annual press conference on Friday, Commissioner BS Bassi said there could not be better words to describe the service by Delhi Police.

"We have started the New Year with a new motto. It will be the guiding principle for the department," Bassi said.

The new logo replaces the 'Satyameva Jayate' which used to appear twice on the insignia, at the top and also the bottom.

While the new logo retains the 'Satyameva Jayate' motto at the top, the bottom half now bears the inscription, 'Shanti, Seva, Nyaya'.

Narrating the story behind the decision on the new motto, Bassi said that during his stint as Goa police chief, one of his SPs had recalled that the same was written on an old Goa police flag.

It was then made the motto of Goa police. "So, when we thought of a new motto for Delhi Police, we found it fitting the bill," he said.


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