New Delhi: While the Delhi Police acted promptly in executing the eviction order of Baba Ramdev and his followers from the Ramlila Maidan on June 4, but now its finding it hard to come up with concrete explanation about the reasons behind the midnight crack down.

The Delhi Police is finding it hard to reply to the notices of High Court and Human Rights Commission who have sought reasons for the forcible eviction of the Ramdev and his followers.

The crackdown on Ramdev and his followers, which left several hurt and miffed, has also drawn flak from several political parties, spiritual leaders and social organisations.

Delhi police is in a fix with heated debates augmenting over its moral and ethical role.

Facing severe criticism from all quarters for blindly following the UPA government orders, Delhi police is trying to prove its act through several arguments.

A senior advocate dealing in criminal cases said on Saturday that Delhi police crossed its limit on June 4. “Who gave them the authority to take action when Baba already had the permission to camp in Delhi for 40 days from the Mayor,” he questioned.

“A lathi charge followed with tear gas shells at the pandal housing thousands of anti-corruption crusaders makes no sense,” he said.

Several supporters including women, kids and old people were injured in the incident. TV grabs also showed that Baba asked people to remain calm even as tear gas shells were being lobbed on the stage. One tear gas shell hit the curtains on the stage and fire broke out, he added.

Delhi police defense is weak as they do not have pictures to prove their claim of Baba’s followers pelting stones at them.

The police may have a hard time convincing the authorities that the violence was provoked by protesters and they acted in retaliation. Ironically, the photographer who was hired by the Central district police to videotape the entire proceedings, especially the events near the stage from where stones were allegedly pelted, has been of little help to the police.

In addition, they neither have any witness to support their evidences nor can they present one.

Notably, the Delhi Police are desperately trying to build up a case of rioting to justify their midnight swoop at the Ramlila grounds last week, which left around 68 people injured, with three still in critical condition.

However, sources in the police informed that the person handling the camera has shot portions of the event which are irrelevant and will be of little help to build a case of rioting against protesters.

Delhi police excuse of a life threat on Baba is another hollow attempt to justify its action. If at all there was an actual threat to Baba’s life, then why did the police get this idea only at midnight and not early? Moreover, security was also not beefed up which shows that their main focus was on eviction.

(JPN/ Bureau)