New Delhi: In a bid to reduce pedestrian road deaths, the traffic police have tightened noose on those who transgress rules and regulation. As many as 239 people were slammed fine for violating traffic norms in the national capital. 

The police on Wednesday fined 239 pedestrians for jaywalking under the Rule of Road Regulation Act-1989, who are said to have flouted traffic rules by not using footover bridges and subways.
The Joint Police Commissioner of Delhi Police, Traffic, Satyendra Garg said, “239 people were fined on the first day of operation. A fine to the tune of Rs 50 will definitely help in reducing jaywalking in the city.”

“The first week of every year is observed as Road Safety Week during which we educate the people regarding traffic laws,” said Satyendra Garg.

People don’t follow rules until and unless they are forced to do so. The major reason behind pedestrian road deaths is that people don’t use footover bridges and subways. With flouting traffic rules they jeopardize their life as well as create problem for others. In order to stop such practices, the police have started penalising people.

“The police will continue to monitor all accident-prone intersections to keep a tab on jaywalking.” Garg said.