New Delhi: In an encouraging move that could prove a savior for victims of road mishaps, the khaki-clad Delhi Police will don the role of a medico by providing first aid to injured people in the event of any road accident in national capital.

The Indian Red Cross Society and St John Ambulance Association have coordinated with the Delhi Police in order to give first aid training to PCR officials.

This decision was taken in view of a PCR van reaching the spot first and hence it could play pivotal role in saving many lives. Going by records, PCR vans have helped out nearly 30,000 injured people in reaching hospitals on time in the last six months.

According to data, about 2,000 people die in road accidents in Delhi every year.

Special Commissioner of Police (Operations) Deepak Mishra said, “Very soon PCR officials would be sent for advance training. They would be trained for how to carry an accident victim in van and what help can be given in case of breathing problem and regular bleeding.”