New Delhi: The Delhi traffic police on Wednesday said that drunk driving is one of the potent causes of accidents in the national capital. The Facebook profile of Delhi police, which posted several figures of accidents and arrests in 2011, slammed people for not desisting from their dangerous and illegal habits.

The post reads that in spite of challans, cancellation of driving licences and sending the accused to jail, the drunk driving is on the rise in Delhi. According to Facebook, the government’s all-out efforts to check drunk driving went in vain. The traffic police on Tuesday arrested as many as 160 people within two hours.

The police uploaded these figures on its Facebook profile on Tuesday.

According to a record in 2011, 9,300 people were charged with drunk driving with 1,713 of them landing in jail. Last year, the figures of those prosecuted were only 5,938.

There has been an increase in the number of prosecutions for drunk driving compared to last year and in 51 cases, people were sent behind bars for ten days. This year 1,490 driving licences have been suspended for six months for the offence. Besides this, at least Rs 2000 fine has been imposed on more than 6300 drivers.

According to Delhi Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Satyendra Garg, “People are unable to understand the hazard of drunk driving and learn from their mistakes. It is usually seen that people after getting drunk meet with accidents either on pavements or by colliding with trees.”

He informed that in 2011, at least 1026 people have been victims of accidents that included all sorts of vehicles like car, two wheelers and commercial means of transportation.