New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, 42 percent people detained by the Delhi police get acquitted from the court without getting any punishment largely due to the callous probe by Men-in-Khaki or the haste in showing more arrests to take credit.

The startling information was revealed after activist Gopal Prasad filed a RTI application demanding information on details of accused imprisoned from 2005-2010.

Similar is the case of Special Cell of Delhi Police as more than 50 percent of the accused were released on lack of evidence. Ironically, such indicted also include those who were arrested on the suspicion of being terrorists.

Such is the case where tall claims are made by the Delhi police that it is improving level of investigations.

The information received from various units and districts are quite surprising too.

The Delhi Police stated that around 65, 246 accused were sentenced by the court whereas 47, 545 were acquitted.

The data clearly states that the court had freed around 42 percent accused due to lack of substantial evidences.

Now the question is, when there was no evidence, why were they arrested?  Who holds the responsibility to round up innocents? How many policemen have faced action in this regard?

However, the police admit that at times the accused gets benefit due to weak investigations even though several training programmes are carried out to improve the probe process.